India's Revolutionary Icons who followed the paths of The Buddha

India's Revolutionary Icons who followed the paths of  The Buddha
It all began with Buddha... and these are some of the great Torch Bearer's of Buddha's Dhamma.... This Blog is a Scholarly Blog created to provide insights into the life, services and Social contributions of some of the Greatest of Indian Scholars, Humanitarians, Saints and social activists about whom the vested interests and Rotten Indian media do not write. Nor there is a State or center policies to restore and protect the stunning stories of these great men and woman...let me walk you through the greatness..!!

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Father of Nation of India Dr.Bheemarao Ambedkar

The first Law Minister of India and the Father of Indian Constitution Bheemrao Ramji Ambedkar (Dr.B.R.Ambedkar)spoke, wrote and demonstrated quite extensively and comprehensively than any other known living or dead humans of India as to how treacherous, dangerous this so called Indian hindu society and it's deadly cultures that spread discrimination and bigotry between each of thousands of heterogeneous groups. To find a way to bring them all these "heterogeneous mess of India", and to put them in single order to lead a happy, free and prosperous life, to make them behave like humans and to treat fellow humans DrAmbedkar crafted this finest of the fine Constitution that even Americans refer to it when they are in crisis. Ofcourse, Dr.Ambedkar was an American Scholar and Columbia Doctorate, he did learn lots about humanity and freedom while he was in America, but he also studied American Constitution, so a well learned scholar and genius DrAmbedkar fathered the Indian constitution in real sense, he is the Father of Modern India, while SakyaMuni Buddha was the Father of ancient and all time Father of India. Here is the dedication to the Father of India:

Friday, February 28, 2014

Notorious Book Banning, Movie Censorships in India

Buy Riddles in HinduismDid they Ban "Riddles in India" written by the Father of Nation?, what?: as per Daily Beast's famous Books banned in India, here is the Link, they also list Dr.B.R.Ambedkar's Riddles in India, I can't believe such a Spectacular truth telling books has been banned in India?.
Go India Go, go Indians go,
Keep Banning all the good books and good Movies,  
there will be no Quality left to enjoy, and there will be no freedom left to cherish..!! You are taking India to into the Darkness of FreedomQuote By Saint of Upliftthem.
Quote from LA Times:  India's constitution enshrines free speech, but its laws against defamation and upsetting the public order are broad, leading a growing number of publishers — storied houses such as Penguin Books India included — "to shy away from books that carry even a whiff of controversy".
Quote from Sydney Morning Harald: In theory, India is a liberal democracy with freedom of expression. In practice, it has become a place where "extremist outfits demand a ban at the drop of a hat".
Quote from Slate Magazine: The one silver lining of all of this is that the group that filed the suit against Doniger’s book, Shiksha Bachao Andolan, or the “Save Education Campaign” has given her a huge sales boost. "The worst enemy of censorship is always curiosity". 
In the post independent India, there are more books banned and movies censored than during the brits or per-independent India? why?.
Scenes from Indian epic poem "Ramayana"
Image from LA times
Before we seek answers to why Indians or India is so notoriously backward about Books, Movies and free speech, let us look at some the banned materials. How many Books are banned now and prior to Indias Independence, and how many movies India censored?. The answer is a lot (as per Wiki "books banned in India" list, there are 29 Books banned after India's independent, and 7 Books banned Pre Independence), movies censored and websites blocked in India. But, first let me post some of the latest news around the world that talk about India's plight on books, movies and public protests.

These are some of the latest critics and news about Book Banning in India Volatile religious passions are leading to a climate of fear and shrinking the space for dissent.
Ever since Indian Muslims demanded the banning of Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Ver-ses in 1988 and the Indian government obliged (India was the first government in the world to ban it), extremist Hindus have been miffed.
They have been doing their best to match militant Muslims in defending their faith against so-called attacks from books or films. In this competitive intolerance, the space for dissent has shrunk.

India's tough defamation, public order laws fell another book

Wendy Doniger's 'The Hindus' is the latest book withdrawn by an Indian publisher because of a lawsuit over its depiction of the religion.For Indian writers and intellectuals, it was the latest worrisome setback for the printed word in a country that likes to think of itself as a freewheeling, pluralistic democracy. In recent years, frank portrayals of Mohandas K. Gandhi, secretive tycoons, Hindu hard-liners and the national airline have been withdrawn by publishers or partially banned by authorities, often under pressure from conservatives.

India's constitution enshrines free speech, but its laws against defamation and upsetting the public order are broad, leading a growing number of publishers — storied houses such as Penguin Books India included — to shy away from books that carry even a whiff of controversy.
"In India you publish at your peril," Pratap Bhanu Mehta, president of a prominent think tank, wrote in the Indian Express. He said the decision to "pulp" (the industry term for destroy) Doniger's book was "the pulping of liberal India."

Get it Banned in India: Another Disturbing Attack on Freedom of Expression in India

If, as expected, the Hindu nationalist BJP comes into power after this year’s elections, there’s good reason to expect things might get worse.
will focus on movies later, to be continued....!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Months and year gone after the vanniyars Rampage, Kaaduvetti is still at large?, Why is he not punished under Sc/St prevention act?.

Only in India, no where else on this planet just only in India, a public servant who was duly elected by People to the State would have a name called Kaduvetti (One who cut and demolish Trees and Forests), but name in this case does not stay as a name, it transcends into Reality. He and his clan are not known to be violent only in names but by their actions. The Kaduvetti's are known for road block by cutting trees, destroying natures beauty in villages, cities and worst yet in Forests, these are people who are a menace in every sense of its meaning, and he is a State MLA in Tamil Nadu [It took decades to nab and kill a Notorious thief and destroyer of forests known as Sandana Kadathi Veerapan, he has murdered many police and inspectors including top police officials, and after almost two decades of his terrorism, the police caught and killed him]. However, the Tamil Nadu police did not learn any lesson from Veerapan at all, because they let anther violent man in the guise of member of state legislative to roam around Tamil Nadu causing violence, when will Tamil Nadu govt and the police learn any lesson from past?.  If Veerappan is known for abusing forests, animals, villagers and Police, this Kaduvetti is known for abusing the entire dalit communities state wide.  This man spoke violently on hundreds of occasions abusing on stage the Indian Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes, the type of speech cannot be heard or seen anywhere even among the local Rowdies or goondas, not even criminals go around and spew venoms between two communities in India, but he did and in numerous occasions publicly, but yet, the previous DMK govt and the current AIADMK govt along with Central govts, did not do enough to prosecute him. After so much state wide dalit abuses and public property damages, the current govt woke up and put him in jail, but that is not enough, he should be punished by Sc/St prevention act, and the state must warn the centeral govt of their indulgence in procrastinating to PMK or Kaduvetti like anti socials, and take severe actions and so that no such abuse will occur in Tamil Nadu.

Read Full Editorial at Upliftthem Blog:

"Kaaduvetti Guru's Extremism"
Nama enna molam adikkira jadhiya- Are we what, drum beating people or what [abusing dalits publicly]?, we are veera vanniyars, ah...enna we arrrrrrrrrrrre....veer vanniyars that means, we only know how to chop heads, chop trees and burn homes.[anti social and extremist talks]......that is what we are?.
And, then he says "andha Naadodigals Kuruvikkaran kooda thuppakki edhu sudran, avanudiya ponnugala love panna, aana namma vanniyagral enna pandra"?.
Watch in this 10minute video, at 4.31 minute:

and at the heights of Extremism is this " Dai.....(damning) evanavadhu namma vanniya jadhi ponnugala kai vacha........poi vettungada, kollungada, avana veeta koluthungada, tharai mattum aakkungada". If any dalits fall in love with our vanniyar woman, what you must do, go chop their hands, cut their heads, kill them...........burn their houses, bring down the houses to the ground, burn the entire village", this is a Speech of an MLA of Tamil Nadu.............

A State MLA-member of legislative council body spoke the above words, there is more about his terroristic, anti social and anti constitutional speeches that you can find in the rest of this editorial. This man is still at large, no severe punishment yet?...why?
Kaduvetti Guru's extremism has no limits and bounds, but yet, none of the Indias top institutions or officials paid any attention. The CBI, Supreme court, Congress and the so called Dalit home minister are all quite soft on Kaduvetti Guru, and are protecting him from prosecution under Sc/St prevention act or NSA act........... 
An Extremist and a top Casteist/Racist who is also a State Representative (MLA) unleashed violent Speeches on public meetings and conferences where more than 100,000 people of his drunken, anti social and casteist men gathered to hear his speech. The Deadly speech was delivered, listen to this,  he has openly challenged the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and Police, he Openly abused and spoke with extreme derogatory words against Sc/Sts in Tamil Nadu. But, that is not all, he has also challenged and said again and again [in vanniyars gathering of thousands of people as well as televised meeting] that Even Indian Army cannot pluck my pubic hair, nor this state police or the Chief Minister. If anybody touches me, this Tamil Nadu will be burning, if any Dalits fall in love with vanniyar girls, go whack them, kill them, and burn their houses, and burn the whole village.......
Not too long after his last year's vanniyar sangam conference, the message was clearly taken by his goons and thugs, and 2000-3000 strong vanniyar and other caste men Rampaged five villages in Dharmapuri, totally burning down one village and causing severe damages in the remaining four villages.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Myths of god and religions, the Myths of Ganesha..!

Scholarly Article:
Ranganath R writes a Brilliant editorial about "hindu myths" of Ganesha the so called Elephant God, dissecting out "how far the hindus can go to con people" with their concocted stories, puranas and gods.

The Myth Of ‘Lord’ Ganesha Re-examined

Each year, Ganesh Chaturthi comes and goes with a lot of noise and pompous fare. So it would not be a bad idea to recount the myth surrounding the festival and the Hindu Puranic deity at its center from a slightly differing perspective.
The reason for this, apart from the festival jamborees, is the intelligent questions that kids in India raise about this myth based on their viewing of the animated movie ‘Bal Ganesh‘. This fact should make adults who hold on to foolish beliefs about this particular deity go red in the face!
Lets take a shot at recounting this story from Ganesh Purana:
So one day Parvati, the consort of Shiva, one of the ‘Supreme’ lords of the Hindu Trinity ( to the Hindu Shaivaites he is the Supreme Lord of the universe) decided that she needed a guard while she took ablutions (bathing). She was probably bathing for the first time after her marriage to Shiva, because it seems strange that she never felt the need for such protection before. Or maybe this was a very special bath, complete with Ayurvedic face-pack therapy, where Parvati felt the need to prevent anybody from spying on her beauty secrets.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Who is Squandering 90% of the India?

Who is Squandering the 90%  of Indias resources and who else is with them in this squandering business, do not forget about the Shudra slaves the OBCs such as yadavas, jats,vanniyars, thevars and other communities that is enslaved by hindus system, they work hand in glove with the my new Blog.
Less than 3% but they Squander 90% of India 
Saturday, June 8, 2013
They are hardly 3% or less than 3% of India, but they are Everywhere where there is money and power- Squandering India with a Caste name for thousands of years?INDIA and its Finest Resources RESERVED!!!

Hey Anti Reservation people, wake up, wake up and why are you not protesting about reservation of INDIA?Prime Minister of India, President of India, Governors of India, Chief Ministers of India, Army, Navy and Air Force Chiefs, Civil Services, Most Ministers, Most MPs, Most Ambassadors and Universities, Colleges and public services, all the most powerful jobs are Reserved for brahmins or upper caste hindus?, and they go to street to protest against Affirmative policy, a constitutional law the reservation?.
It was then, 2500 Years and brahmins continued squandering of the Old India....!
2500 Years of Clandestine, untold Reality of India! (so you thought that was then?)
but what now, it is now 21st century, the brahmins continue squandering todays Modern India.....!
Modern India too has to face the same grinding reality....Read


I read with great interest "A Challenge to Buddhism" by Ven.Bhikkhu Bodhi that I was fortunate to read on the internet. 
We all know and revere Bhikkhu Bodhi. His talks and writings are always inspiring and  provocative. His distress evident in the above-mentioned article will be shared by all those who read it.
Of late we have been hearing a lot about the expression  "Engaged Buddhism". I find the expression mostly among the Mahayanists rather than among the Therawadis in the Western world. Mahayanists also use the expression "Humanistic Buddhism". To everyone who is not a Buddhist, it simply means Applied Buddhism or practical Budhism.
There has been  challenges to Buddhism in all eras. To my mind, there is no greater solution, no enduring remedy to the challenges in any era than the creation of Buddha's disciples known as Arhants who would advice and give lead to people to solve their problems as and when they arise, regardless of color, race, creed or nation. Whatever the problems - social problems like injustice or natural catastrophies like earthquake or global problems like climate change 
-  the cutting edges of weapons in Buddhist armory to counter them always lay in individuals in the first instance, and subsequently in their organizations, with or without the support of governments. Therawada Buddhism which I am more familiar with has had a monastic order in place since Buddha'.s time where trained monks are turned out in large numbers, year after year, in Therawada countries -  Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Laos, Cambodia.  Many of the trained monastics become bodhisatvas (seekers of enlightenment), few if any become fully enlightened worthy ones known as arhants who are worthy to advice and lead. Finding arhants is like mining for diamonds.
Many of the social service organizations, Buddhist or other,  fail because of the absence of arhants, the fully enlightened ones, to lead them. The fully enlightened arhants emerge out of the multitudes of monks, worthy to advice and worthy to lead..  
There have been a plethora of institutions with long histories of social service like the CARE, the American Peace Core, Red Cross, YMCAs, and many others. Bhikkhu Bodhi has mentioned American Jewish World Service (AJWS) which is relatively a new organization like the Islamic Relief USA and others, all of which "aiming to alleviate suffering, hunger, illiteracy and disease, worldwide". On the other hand,  organizations with limited goals also take birth like the Armenian Relief Society with its limited goal of serving the humanitarian needs of the Armenian people worldwide, who still suffer from the effects of its underreported holocaust of early 20th century. I wonder what make AJWS exceptional. 

Has AJWS  tested its declared objective of social service on the soils of Israel's next door neighbors or in the  Arab sector inside Israel itself?  Some material on the internet gave me the impression that AJWS perhaps took birth out of cognitive dissonance among American Jews suffering from psychological conflicts between incompatible beliefs and attitudes.  
The highly efficient style of working of organizations like AJWS backed by media support can make favourable impression of them even if they do not have enlightened leaders and violate one or more of the five precepts that the Buddhists always practise in all their endeavours.
Social service is the objective of most organizations, but they have besides social service something which make them distinct. For instance, the U.S. after taking thousands of lives in Japan with their nuclear armory seek to create a better image of the U.S.with its Peace Core volunteers, YMCAs seek to spread Christian messages behind their altruism,  what if AJWS seeks to show Jewish presence in world service, no matter that the Jews are only 0.2 percent of a world population of 7 billion.   
I wish to draw the attention of my readers to an organization which I had in  mind when I wrote earlier in this piece about arhants and searching for them like mining for diamonds. 
The organization is called Fo Guang Shan (FGS), which means literally "Buddha's Light Mountain", and its organizer is Master Venerable Hsing Yun, born in mainland China in 1927. Master Venrable Hsing Yun founded FGS in 1967 in a remote quiet area in the hills of  Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan. It is a Mahayana Buddhist order promoting Humanistic Budddhism, a modern Chinese philosophy. Humanistic Buddhism aims to make Buddhism relevant in the world and in the people's lives and hearts. It is a monastic order and not a theoretical school of thought per se.
In May 1997, Hsing Yun got the gates of FGS closed to the general public in order to give a cloistered atmosphere to the temple residents.
But, following the plea of the public headed by the President of Taiwan, FGS reopened the gates in December 2000. In the last 40 years since its inception, FGS has been remarkably successful in extending its services beyond Taiwan,  setting up temples and organizations in 173 countries and encompassing more than 3,500 monastics. FGS also created an affiliate in 1992, Buddha's  Light International Association (BLIA),  
which has now over 100 chapters in the world.  The monastic order represented by Fo Guang Shan and Buddha's Light International Association has now over a milliom followers worldwide. It has been said  "In Master Venerable Hsing Yun, Buddhism has found a reformer, an innovator and an educator. Under his strong  leadership, Buddhism has extended beyond traditional temple life to integrate and further enrich the modern city dwellers."
December 18, 2008

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Ravana & the depiction of 10 Heads? What is the Rationale?

Ravana's ten heads represent the ten crowns he wore as a result of his being the sovereign of ten countries.